I lost everything and everybody, including my family.  I was homeless. I hated myself.  No matter how many times I tried to quit, no matter how many rehab programs I entered I could never maintain my sobriety for the long term. No one understood. How could they? Why should they? Heck, if I really cared about the people who loved me I would just plain quit, right?  Simple as that!  I got it. But it wasn’t going to be quick or simple.  For me, a couple of weeks toughing it out following a 30 day or even a 90 day stint in a rehab program was never enough.  Relapse was inevitable because I never really stopped missing the drink and drugs. 

My NA sponsor suggested that I needed to be somewhere where I could be kept safe from my addictions for several months, not just a few weeks.  Enough time so that being sober would become the “new” normal for me again. Where drinking and drugging could truly fall into my past.

Honestly, finding a good stable, safe and caring sober living house was not easy.  But long story short and only by the grace of God I was accepted into The Gorham Fellowship extended term sober living program.  I’m still clean, sober and I really don’t NEED my old addictions anymore. The old has given way to the new! I’m happy, healthy, employed and do you know what the best part is?  I got my family back!


Gorham Sober House

Sober House:  The Gorham Fellowship, Inc. 1108 Fairfield, CT 203-908-4487, email;